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From the moment I first held a Game Boy, I knew that games were going to be central to my life. The melodies of Pokémon and Battle for Middle Earth, and Runescape soundtracked my youth and inspired me to become the musician I am today. Native Moon was formed to express this love and vision for meaningful audio in games.

We focus on creating unique and dynamic audio, made bespoke for each project and that connects players to the soul of the game. My individual specialisms in composition, sound design and implementation come together to offer a distinctive combo that creates a vibrant and immersive soundtrack to your game.

Pierre Flasse is based in Manchester, UKThe drive to tell powerful stories and elevate visuals with sound has formed his early career composing in the world of film and theatre. His 
deep knowledge of theory and extensive practical experience build a complete and
precise approach
that feeds our holistic attitude to audio.

Pierre has spent a lot of time
travelling the world, gathering a huge range of 
instruments and field recordings that he adores warping into eclectic sound design.
His inspirations shift between jazz, classical, drum & bass, funk, klezmer and Indian
which form the exciting smorgasbord that builds up our unique sound world.

Pierre's 3 favourite games are: 
Crypt of the Necrodancer, Hyper Light Drifter 
and Dark Souls.

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A great piece of music forms the emotional core of every memorable gaming experience. Our appreciation for this is the bedrock of our approach to scoring. Our intuitive mindset and extensive musical experience means that we can always stay flexible and work to your vision. 

A rock-solid foundation in music theory and deep knowledge of styles across the world give us the ability to blend different genres and techniques effortlessly. We don't shy away from any brief and relish the opportunity to experiment with new sonic worlds.

We are excellent communicators and will always collaborate with you to find the most impactful soundtrack to complement your game.

sound design

Sound design is the membrane that cements the player's agency in the world and connects them to the music. The techniques used in our sound design flit between organic and synthetic sound, creating an immersive and unique experience. We are confident in creating sounds from the hyper-realistic to the psychedelic - and everywhere inbetween - we will find the right identity for your game.

Technical integration is of vital importance to a slick and seamless experience in game. We are excited by the usage of inventive implementation to craft dynamic and evolving sonic experiences for the player, and are well acquainted with middleware tools such fmod.

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Dinner Party

Dinner Party is a short game where you pretend to host a dinner party. Can you convince the guest they are with real humans?

Jambear's Adventure
Legend speaks of an ancient tower, and at the top of the tower lies the greatest treasure of all. Jambear NEEDS that treasure. It can't be that hard to reach... it's only one room...

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